Language Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Microsoft's Visual C# programming language. The lessons in this category teach you the fundamentals of this great language.

Windows Forms

Learn to create Windows Forms Applications. The lessons teach you about different controls you can add to a form. It will also familiarize you on how events play a major role in windows forms programming.

.NET Framework

Familiarize yourself with the classes available inside the .NET Framework. Learn how you can use these classes for your applications. This section also discusses more advanced lessons not discussed in the Language Fundamentals section.

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

Learn Language Integrated Query which is a better and easier way of querying data from different types of data source such as collections, SQL Server databases, XML files and many more.

ADO.NET and Databases

This section contains tutorials for ADO.NET. Learn how your applications can query, update, or remove data from a database by using ADO.NET and SQL.


This section contains general information about the C# programming language itself and the .NET framework.