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Introduction to Programming

Programming is an art of solving problems using codes or instructions that a computer can perform. It gives you the power to order a computer to do anything its hardware is capable of. You can consider programming as a hobby (because it's fun) or make it as your career (because programmers are in demand). The purpose of programming is to provide solutions to different kinds of problems and to make most of the tedious and repetitive human tasks easier. Most human problems have patterns that we can code and feed to the computer to let its Gigahertz of power and multiple cores to do the rest of the job.

There are numerous programming languages out there, but only few have been recognized by many and survived the test of time. Some programming languages target a specific problem domain while others can serve as a general purpose programming language suitable for a wide variety of software applications. Today, there are numerous languages available for a beginner to learn to start programming and it could be daunting if I show you the full list. If you want to begin learning programming, your first step is to choose a programming language. Some of the most popular languages are C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Javascript.

But what programming language(s) should you choose? Since you are in this site, C# is definitely what I will recommend. I believe that it is a great first programming language as it will teach you the programming concepts a lot clearer and you will soon see that in the upcoming tutorials. You will not regret your choice. This site contains an abundant resource for teaching the C# programming language. You will also learn general programming concepts that can be used regardless of the language and technology being used. It will familiarize you with the Visual C# Express and Visual Studio development environments which are used for developing all sorts of C# applications. This site is also recommended for experienced programmers who simply want to try out a new language. This site can serve as a quick reference for everyone who is already programming with C#, including me.

Programming languages evolve as time passes and technology advances. There is always a room for improvement and innovation that different programming languages can fill to make it stand out of the crowd. It is recommended that you stay up to date on the new features as C# is a language that is constantly being augmented with powerful features that make using it easier. In fact, C# was chasing Java in terms of features years ago, but today, its the other way around. I will try my best to update this site to reflect any changes and add new tutorials about the new features of C# whenever a new version has been released.

It may take a lot of time to master programming (years perhaps), but the learning experience will be fun and intuitive. It is important to not just read the tutorials, but to also try them for yourself. Understand the concepts and the functionality of each code. Practice yourself by applying what you have learned by creating your own applications. No more chit-chats, let's enter the world of programming using the C# programming language.

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