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Visual C# is a great programming language. It is one of the languages supported by the .NET Framework developed by Microsoft. You can use C# to create different kinds of application such as desktop and web applications. Your imagination is the limit.

Start learning this language here at this site by reading our easy to follow C# tutorials and lessons. This site contains tutorials about the basics of C#, how to create Windows Forms, connecting to databases, and many more. The tutorials and lessons also aim to teach you the different programming concepts that you can apply not only in C#, but also in other languages as well. Start learning Visual C#!

Latest C# Tutorials

The Anchor Tag Helper

This lesson shows you various scenarios where you can use the anchor tag helper.

Tag Helpers

This lesson is an introduction to tag helpers in ASP.NET MVC.

The wwwroot Folder

This lesson discusses the new wwwroot folder in ASP.NET.

Using Static Files

This lesson shows you how to enable referencing of static files in your web page.

Nested Razor Layouts

This lesson will show you how to create nested layouts.

Defining Sections for Razor Layouts

This lesson shows you how to define multiple sections in a layout that a view page can insert content into.

The View Start Page

We'll take a look at the View Start Page used to execute and render code before a normal view page is rendered.

Razor Layouts

This lesson shows you how to define razor layouts to have a common look and feel for your application.

Razor Code Blocks

This lesson shows you how to include blocks of C# code within a razor view page.

Inline Razor Expressions

This lesson shows the simplest form of razor syntax which is the inline razor syntax.