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Visual C# is a great programming language. It is one of the languages supported by the .NET Framework developed by Microsoft. You can use C# to create different kinds of application such as desktop and web applications. Your imagination is the limit.

Start learning this language here at this site by reading our easy to follow C# tutorials and lessons. This site contains tutorials about the basics of C#, how to create Windows Forms, connecting to databases, and many more. The tutorials and lessons also aim to teach you the different programming concepts that you can apply not only in C#, but also in other languages as well. Start learning Visual C#!

Latest C# Tutorials

Expression-Bodied Members

This lesson introduces expression-bodied function which allows us to use lambda-like expressions to defined the body of a function member.

The null Coalescing (??) Operator

This lesson demonstrates the use of the null coalescing operator.

Null Conditional Operator

This lesson discusses the null conditional operator which makes checking for nulls easier.

String Interpolation

This lesson discusses a new feature in C# 6 called string interpolation that enables interpolating expressions within strings.

Creating an XML Document Using LINQ to XML

This tutorial shows you how you can take advantage of using the LINQ to XML classes to easily create an XML Document through code.


This is an introduction to LINQ to XML which allows you to create, manipulate, and query XML documents using LINQ syntax and methods.

Modifying Database with LINQ to SQL

This lesson provides you with an example on how to add, delete, and update records by using different methods offered by the generated LINQ to SQL classes.

Querying a Database with LINQ to SQL

This lesson is the first example of using LINQ to SQL and simply queries a database and retrieves the records from one of its tables.


This is an introduction to LINQ to SQL which is an easier and faster way of connecting to SQL Server databases and using them in your program with LINQ queries.

LINQ Aggregate Methods

LINQ offers aggregate methods which are very useful methods for obtaining aggregate results of value from a collection or array.